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HighGrow 2.0
April 24,  2001

Are you tryin' to grow your own virtual plants? So I suppose you're a bit angry, that HighGrow is shareware... Moreover pretty hard to crack. Most of cracks and patches are not working. I've tried many of them with no success.

Not long time ago I had to watch my plants dyin'. So that here is how-to crack HighGrow I explored.

A) Do you have HighGrow installed? No? You can download and install. But DO NOT RUN IT! If you are tryin' to grow some plants now, there are more tasks waiting for you.

1. uninstall it
2. delete all contents of directory where it was installed and the directory itself
3. run registry editor (regedit.exe) and delete all keys and values containing strings "HighGrow" or "Slick"
4. now you should install it once more, but DO NOT RUN yet.


B) The only you should do now is to download this crack, unpack, copy to the HighGrow directory and run. Easy, isn't it? ;o))

Now you can run your HighGrow, enjoy view on three empty pots and try to grow the best weed the world have ever seen.

Appendix, thx KrUst
November 4,  2002
Serial number for versions 1.1 and 1.2: 385-9015453-728
Serial number for version 2.0: 162-TPSNQRM-104

Appendix, thx ArchDrone
October 20,  2003
Freeware version 3.0 can be downloaded at
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